Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Store

w00t! Two days in - two blogs - I'm gooood!

So I opened a store for my cards and gifts. This is something I had wanted to do on my previous character but never really got round to doing properly. There's still a lot to do but I'm quite pleased with what I have put together already.

Obviously with Valentine's Day just around the corner there is a bias towards Love and Valentine's cards in the store at present, however there is also a range of birthday, rez day and wedding cards.

My friend Willow (see blog links - she has a kickass fashion blog) suggested a friend card and I made it yesterday and have just put it into the store.

I was going to make another friend one and then I had an idea for a card that sits alongside the range of Bitchy Balloons I have in store to make the opposite of a love card. Dated a loser - send him one of these:

Plan for today is to make some gift boxes - install a visitor greeting, write some notecards and set up the free gift for people who visit. I doubt I'll get it all done - stayed up far too late and need some sleepies at some point.

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