Saturday, 23 January 2010

First Post

God I hope I am gonna be better at this blogging lark on this character than I was on the previous one! I am a lazy blogger. Probably not the best thing to say to get people interested in my blog but tis the truth.

Starting Kess was the best decision I ever made in SL. After over 3 years on my previous character and achiieving reasonable success in the things I set out to do - namely running a club and becoming an SL DJ - I fancied a change. I wanted to meet new people, explore new places - start over again on my second Second Life.

So on the last day of November 2009 Kess was born. Less than two months on and I own a Card and Gift Store here and I'm dj'g at two really fun venues. I've made some awesome new friends, and one particularly special friend. Life is good!

I'll hopefully be using the blog to put up product updates and news - next blog post will be about the store and what you can expect

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