Saturday, 4 January 2014

Help to Release the Feast

Every day 19,000 children UNDER 5 die of hunger.....

What does that number feel like? That's the equivalent of 30 High Schools of children dying EVERY DAY. Imagine if that was happening in the Western World...we'd be in uproar! 

It now seems such a massive task that surely I can't do anything to hep by myself? 

Today, my friend and co-worker at !Exodus! starts her personal 30 hour famine for World Vision's 30 hour famine appeal and in our own way we hope to make a small difference. 

There are a number of ways you can help. Come along to !Exodus! Rock Club today and donate via our donation kiosk. 

Purchase a Limited Edition Sweatshirt (worn above) or Jacket or the sponsorship Tee's available at !Exodus! or at Styled by Panda store. 

IM Pandagroov Windstorm and give her some inspiration - she has 30 hours of fasting to go through and it can feel very lonely without food. Your support I am sure will be appreciated.

Visit the website at and educate and inform yourself of the work World Vision are doing to help.

Approximately L$300 will feed a child for one often have we dropped 5 or 6 times that in a store without a second thought? Do something special with your L$ today and Help to Release the Feast (the slogan of this years 30 hour famine)

Yes, World Vision is a Christian organisation but please, this is about children dying of malnutrition not which God you believe in or if you believe at all. If you can, and would like to support the cause Panda, myself and 19,000 hungry children will appreciate it. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I Don't Care - Or Do I?

So, I decided to start this up again. I can't commit to keeping it up to date an regularly posting but I think I will find posting here cathartic and that is my reason for choosing to do so. 

Several weeks ago I saw a post on someones facebook that said 'What other people think of you is none of your business' At the time I believe I both liked and shared the post. It's another way of saying that people that listen in to others conversations never hear good of themselves. I believed that from a very early age. 

Unfortunately over the last couple of months several people have insisted on either telling me what they think directly or letting me know what other people think by anonymously sending me notecards of conversations, or just repeating conversations to me verbatim. 

There are a few 'themes' to the comments and I started to question whether I was in fact the person as described. This concerned me as I didn't want to be that person but one of the other adages I believe is 'there is no smoke without fire'. If several people were saying the same thing then surely there must be an element of truth in it?

The main points in all of the conversations I had were these:

1 - I am an attention whore. I have to be the centre of attention and I don't like it if anyone else is. 
2 - I feed off others. I am false and play off their attention. 
3 - I won't let go of people. 

So, I have spent several weeks thinking about each of these points and discussing them at length with people I trust. These are the counter arguments from my friends

1 - You get attention Kess. You're the owner of a club that means you know ALL the hosts, ALL the dj's and ALL the vips  - at least all the regular ones. When you walk in the club, yes, people say hello, they talk to you and engage with you. That is the nature of your job and the kind of person you are. 
2 - You're not false but you do have a wall. Those that get past it find a sincere and loving person
3 - No you don't. You're loyal - to the point where you will get hurt yourself before you give up a friendship or companionship and it says something about you that your ex's want to still be part of your life. 

And now, these are my thoughts on the subject:
1 - I am not an attention whore. I felt comfortable in my club. It's my safety net. It's where I can go anytime and know people and have a friendly conversation or so I thought. When I go elsewhere, which isn't very often, I stay quiet. I say hello, I may join in conversation but generally I keep myself to myself. As my friends have said, yes, when I walk into !Exodus! people talk to me, they know who I am. I don't wear an Owner of the club tag but people still know because we mainly have regulars. I am proud of the club and the team. 
2 - Anyone that believes I am false is misguided. In fact, if anything I wish I could put more of a lid on my feelings and emotions in SL. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean that I don't have them it means I am a professional and I try to keep things to myself and my close circle of friends wherever possible. 
3 - I agree to a point - I don't let go of people. it's one of my faults. I should let them go a lot earlier than I do' There is usually something I see in someone that I want to help or try to fix. This year I have learnt that you can't do it and that sometimes you have to just let people go. 

The things I found out this year about people and their real opinions of me hurt. I'd like to say that I didn't care and that I brushed it off but I didn't. It bothered me tremendously because that is the kind of person I am. I take things to heart. I'm not weak or naive, I just have a need to please people that goes way back into my childhood and when I don't I feel like I have failed. 

I guess that the message I want to convey here is never say anything to anyone that you don't want to get back to the person you are talking about. Secondly, if someone is criticising someone to you then be careful cos damn sure they will do the same about you. Lastly, never believe that someone is so tough that they can 'take it'. If someone seems impenetrable to you then you just don't know them well enough for them to let you in yet. Everyone has feelings even if you don't see them.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Calas Galadhon is amazing!

Ok, so I am a little bias, because I know the owners of the sims Truck Meredith and Tymus Tenk very well are both super duper people. Potted history of the sims : They had 4 sims that the turned into an amazing winter wonderland and applied to showcase and were successful. They enjoyed the experience so much that they extended to 6 sims and have made a beautiful victorian springtime themed park estate. I went to visit on Saturday. Below are some of the pictures I took. I can tell you that I only had time to see a small part of that the sims had to offer but I would recommend them to anyone!
To visit these amazing sims click

Saturday, 6 February 2010

New Friends and Valetine's Cards

Oookay so I been a bit distracted from blogging or from generally doing anything much except shopping and ....being distracted.

Valentine's approaches and people are starting to search out more cards and gifts. Some will leave it til closer the time I guess - after all a week is a long time in SL.

So anyways I made one new card for Valentine's here:
I made another friend card earlier in the week - sadly under different circumstances. A friend of mine was having a hard time and I wanted to cheer her up and send her a message that she's an all round brill person. I sent her a personalised version then made a generic version to sell in the store. What happened to my friend got me thinking a lot about relationships. It's ironic that during this week I've seen someone go out of their way not to hurt someone they knew liked them and at the same time I have seen the total opposite happen to my friend. Anyways, it's time to go play the game now. Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Happy Birthday

Gotta say a mahoooosive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Miki! Have a great day hunni, love ya xoxox

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Teddy Bear & DJ'g

Tonight I'll be dj'g over at Bulldogs Bar and Beach from 12-2pm slt. Bulldogs is owned by my mate Spudys who is awesome fun and I love dj'g for her over there. Don't ask me what kind of music I'll be playing - at the moment I have no idea. Wednesdays is one of those nights where I just make it up as I go along. Pop along if you can

I have also been doing a little bit more work on the store. I added a range of gift boxes and a cute little box of chocolates and I made a new teddy bear range. This one is holding an adorable bunch of balloons! Right, I got to run off to that RL game for a few hours. See you soon x

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Spork Closing :(

Got a notice today that said Spork on Malt sim was closing - but....and it's a big but - they were having a sale! YAY Shopping bitches dream - loads of fab clothes for between 25-50 L$! check it out!

Considering everything was so low priced - how come I spent so much?