Saturday, 4 January 2014

Help to Release the Feast

Every day 19,000 children UNDER 5 die of hunger.....

What does that number feel like? That's the equivalent of 30 High Schools of children dying EVERY DAY. Imagine if that was happening in the Western World...we'd be in uproar! 

It now seems such a massive task that surely I can't do anything to hep by myself? 

Today, my friend and co-worker at !Exodus! starts her personal 30 hour famine for World Vision's 30 hour famine appeal and in our own way we hope to make a small difference. 

There are a number of ways you can help. Come along to !Exodus! Rock Club today and donate via our donation kiosk. 

Purchase a Limited Edition Sweatshirt (worn above) or Jacket or the sponsorship Tee's available at !Exodus! or at Styled by Panda store. 

IM Pandagroov Windstorm and give her some inspiration - she has 30 hours of fasting to go through and it can feel very lonely without food. Your support I am sure will be appreciated.

Visit the website at and educate and inform yourself of the work World Vision are doing to help.

Approximately L$300 will feed a child for one often have we dropped 5 or 6 times that in a store without a second thought? Do something special with your L$ today and Help to Release the Feast (the slogan of this years 30 hour famine)

Yes, World Vision is a Christian organisation but please, this is about children dying of malnutrition not which God you believe in or if you believe at all. If you can, and would like to support the cause Panda, myself and 19,000 hungry children will appreciate it.